Histidine is an essential amino acid for horses that helps maintain the myelin sheath insulating nerves.

Histidine is metabolised into the neurotransmitter histamine and is associated with the contraction and expansion of blood vessels and other smooth muscle functions. There is some evidence to suggest that extra supplementation of arginine in cold weather can help with cold weather-induced laminitis.

Histidine stimulates the production of both red and white blood cells and is required for sexual arousal.

Horses will have access to adequate levels in forage as long as the forage has been grown under conditions where the soil is balanced. Where forage is grown with high amounts of nitrogen fertiliser without reference to the other minerals being balanced, the levels of essential amino acids in forage can be affected.  Forage which is grown on land which has not had applications to balance the mineral profile of the soil can also be very low in essential amino acids.

Last Updated on December 22, 2021 by Forageplus Team

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